The Tziraki family, a mother and two daughters, commemorate the rich history of their land and its produce with the ‘tree of life’. This unique symbol for their olive oil adorned an ancient Minoan artefact discovered in 1957 within the family’s orchard. Steeped with history dating back centuries, ITANIA olive oil’s traditional cultivation techniques have maintained both sustainability and respect for the environment.

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On the sunny island of Crete, the family remain committed to producing extra-virgin organic olive oil which is high in nutritional value. Their premium-quality product has anti-inflammatory properties which are said to be of direct benefit to both cardiovascular and neuronal health. It is laboratory tested, verified to maintain a higher-than-typical concentration of polyphenol antioxidants, the source of these health-enhancing properties. As a premium-grade, cold-extracted, non-GM product, it arrives to your table pure and unfiltered, containing no additives, preservatives, or additional substances.

Well-balanced and with a distinctive, rich aroma, this fruity offering is derived from the Koroneiki tree variety, which lends a piquant flavour as well as the highest-possible concentration of antioxidants. Renowned for being a staple of the typical Mediterranean diet, ITANIA olive oil is the perfect ingredient for salad dressings, dipping fresh bread and all everyday cooking.

Produced with  love and care by
Aikaterini, Maria & Sofia

Our family history and the ‘Tree of life’.

Maria and Sofia inherited the olive orchards from their father, on his passing. They are situated in an area known as Aitania, which is close to the ancient Cretan palace of Knossos. Over a decade ago, they made a family commitment to nurture their olive trees organically, which initially entailed many challenges involved in the organic-farming processes. Their reverence for the idyllic nature of this unspoiled region, combined with an overall respect for the environment, made adopting the principle of sustainability a matter of obligation, pleasure and excitement to the two sisters.
Their orchards continue to be exclusively of the Koroneki tree variety, thus maintaining a product that is inherently rich in antioxidants. Archaeological finding in east Cretan cities have uncovered ancient vases with olives inside them, as well as an olive mill. These findings suggest that the Koroneki tree has been cultivated in Crete since Minoan times, well over 3,500 years ago.

The Tziraki family’s history is closely wedded to the ‘tree of life’ via their own olive orchards. It was Maria and Sophia’s father and grandfather who, in 1954, uncovered the ancient Minoan vessel which was adorned by a branch of olive-tree leaves. This artefact dates back to 1700 BC, and is now conserved in the Heraklion Archeological Museum, commemorated for future generations as Aitania’s ‘tree of life’.

Commemorating their family history, influenced as it is by the traditional cultivation they have known since our childhood, the Tziraki family are honoured to be the producers of ITANIA’s premium-quality extra virgin olive oil. They commemorate the intergenerational history of their orchards with their trading name in the UK, My Father’s Land. The offer this product directly from their family to yours, doing so with tradition, love and care.

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Our Products

Produced with tradition, love, and care by Aikaterini, Maria & Sofia
The land started being organically cultivated over a decade ago. All the Tziraki family orchards are organically certified.
Top Quality Extra virgin
Every oil with a fat-acid acidity of <0.8% is characterised as extra virgin. Our olive oil has the lowest possible fat-acid acidity (<0.3%), which is extraordinary and rare.
Rich in antioxidants
This product has been extensively laboratory tested and it’s been found to be rich in antioxidants polyphenols and Vitamin E
Directly from our family to yours (or to your table).
This accompaniment to a healthy diet has been produced with love and care to add high nutritional value and enhanced flavour to your dishes.
Cold-pressed, pure unfiltered and unmixed
Only physical and mechanical processes are used in the preparation of this premium product. The olive oil extraction is kept cold (under 18 °C), thus maintaining the inherently rich aroma and taste. It arrives to your table pure and unfiltered, as a non- GM product with no additional preservatives or substances.
Premium and recyclable package
The olive oil arrives to your table in a premium-grade tin, which acts to preserve the quality and the aroma of the olive oil. An innovative, convenient, and easy-to-pull top makes it ready to pour the instant it arrives to your home.


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